Miata World II Trip

May 2009


When I heard about the Miata World II event being held near Dallas, Texas, I instantly started making plans to attend. This would be my summer (late spring) vacation for 2009. Three days of tours, track events and car shows - all centered around Mazda’s MX-5 Miata. What could be more fun?

The trip from Virginia to Dallas (technically, Grapevine, TX) is roughly 1350 miles. Google said it would be a twenty-one hour drive. As I’m getting older, I opted to split the drive over two days and make it little less stressful. Honestly, it was going to be stressful enough attempting to drive a nineteen year old car that distance. A car that I’ve never driven more than 100 miles from home.

Angela opted to fly down and meet me in Dallas on Thursday which meant I really needed to arrive on schedule. I did. She didn’t. Angela’s flight was delayed an hour. She should have driven, it’s much more reliable.

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Miata World II - the 20th anniversary event

Enjoy the photos and witty commentary from my trip. Just don’t rob my house while I’m gone.